After a day of getting your kids to school, getting yourself to and from work, and making sure everyone is fed at the end of the day leaves us parents with little to no energy. Fitting batting practice in at the end of a long day is probably not feasible. Especially if you find yourself looking at the equipment in the garage that you would have to lug out into the yard or all the way to the park. Suddenly you begin to think that tomorrow might be a better day for batting practice.

The StrikeTEC Solution

strikeTEC helps softball and baseball players of all skill levels hit the ball better, and it can even help parents spend more time with their kids while promoting a healthy activity that they love. You don’t have to be a coach or even a softball enthusiast to help your child or teenager be a better ball player. Many other hitting trainers are hands off, but with strikeTEC you are there taking an active part by holding the ball directly in the strike zone. Being right there in the action will mean more to you and your children than any game or practice.

How it Works

The strikeTEC trainer is not only effective and easy to use, but low maintenance and lightweight. Weighing in at less than two pounds, this swing trainer can be brought out for some quick batting practice, and just as easily be put away. You don’t have to go to a park or even the batting cage to get in some exercise. StrikeTEC trainers offer the ability for a full power swing in a small backyard. With the help of the trainer, you can hold the ball in the perfect position while the kids practice their swing. The ball is attached to the device so you don’t even have to chase it down. This is a perfect bad weather and off-season option to keep your kids active and healthy.

No matter what level your child is, this trainer can help them improve their swing and stay healthy and active year round. Learn more about strikeTEC here.