World Series ScoresThe World Series is the exciting finale of the Major League Baseball season. Played as a best-of-seven playoff, the 2014 series paired the National League champs, San Francisco Giants, and the Kansas City Royals, the American League Champions. It was the 110th Major League Baseball Championship series, and one for the record books.

One to Remember

The series will be remembered for a number of reasons. Firstly, this was the second World Series ever where two wild card teams were pitted against each other. As a matter of fact, it was the first World Series to even feature a team that participated in the additional Wild Card Game. By winning the series, San Francisco Giants now hold the record now for the most number of victories in a single postseason. This was also the second time that a World Series went up to seven games since 2002, and the first-ever instance when both the opponents had less than 90 regular season victories. Lastly, this was the only series in the history of World Series where at least 5 games were decided by a margin of 5 runs or more. From beginning to end, this season was up for grabs by a number of great teams ending in a victory for San Francisco.

A Long Hard Fight

All the games in the series were fought tooth and nail by the contesting teams. Game 1 went to the Giants in large part to the strong pitching by Madison Bumgarner. Games 2 and 3 went to the Royals due to the excellent job by their relief pitchers Greg Holland, Wade Davis, and Kelvin Herrera who limited the big hitters from Giants. The next two games would be won by Giants putting them back in the overall lead. Then the Royals made a comeback in the 6th Game where they scored 10 runs to San Francisco’s 0, and tied up the Giants forcing a seventh game as decider. Both cities were on the edge of their seats by the time October 29th came.

The Deciding Victory

When the day finally arrived the Royals were fueled by their dominating victory, but the Giants were ready for them. The decider was won by the San Francisco Giants 3-2 behind the game-winning RBI by Michael Morse and timely hits from Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval. Giants won the 7th game for the first time in a best of seven series.

Bumgarner of Giants dazzled the audience with his unprecedented performance in game 7 where he led the team to victory. He pitched five shutout innings of relief to lead his team to their third title in last five years. Bumgarner’s status before heading into the game was a matter of huge speculation. Some argued that he should be kept available in the bullpen while others advised the manager not to disadvantage the 25-year-old left-hander by allowing him to be in. However, all speculations were laid to rest when Bumgarner did a lot more than pitching. In a situation where even a single scoreless inning would have won the admiration of many, he managed to pitch five of them.

All of the scoring the action happened by the fourth inning. Much of the excitement happened when the Giants brought in Bumgarner after Affeldt pitched a scoreless bottom in the fourth to save their single run lead. What Bumgarner did next made history. He kept the Royals scoreless in the final five innings, which happens to be the longest save in the history of World Series!

Now that all is said and done we have had a World Series that will be remembered for years to come, and not only because of the many new records and firsts for the game. This series was between two teams who had to fight hard to even be in the playoffs, and went back and forth to the very end. Leaving two very proud cities, and one champion.