Have You Been in Any of These Situations?

Have you ever been at a tournament or game and had limited warm-up space available to your players?

What about time spent having your team chase balls that have been hit far into the outfield?

Maybe you’re concerned that each player is only able to hit a few pitches before each game starts, which doesn’t get them ready for their first at-bat.

These are just a few of the things coaches and players in this video were concerned about before they started using the StrikeTEC swing trainer. You have heard us say how our swing trainer can help you save time and energy while making better hitters, but this video will show you what actual coaches and ballplayers are saying about StrikeTEC. These are the same results that we know any ball player, from little league to the pros, can get.

No more chasing baseballs and softballs. No more running out of room for warm-ups. With our swing trainer, your players can hit many types of pitches right before the game starts. Their energy can then be used to run to bases instead of collecting balls in the outfield. Just watch the video below to see what coaches are saying about StrikeTEC.