StrikeTEC is an American company solely dedicated to making baseball and softball players better hitters.

By utilizing evidence based training with the most versatile swing trainer ever designed, the team at StrikeTEC was able to create a complete hitting system that offers proven results and increased confidence while in the box, making you GREAT AT THE PLATE.


In the summer of 2011, hitting coach, David Riggle put his mechanical design and engineering background to the test. He set out to develop a swing trainer unlike anything ever brought to market. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional training aids and passionate about the art of hitting, David was determined to bridge the divide. Knowing that pitch recognition was the common denominator that all great hitters possessed and understanding that traditional tee work wasn’t providing what he was looking for, he set out on a new approach to design a trainer that was portable, lightweight, weatherproof, affordable and as enjoyable to the holder as it was to the hitter. He wanted to replace the stationary tee with a more portable option that could be quickly moved across the strike zone and was simple to use. The greatest obstacle to overcome was the controlled dissipation of energy generated from a hit, the process had to be balanced for the hitter and the holder while allowing a ball to actually take flight and in a divine moment of listening the answer was realized. David created a ballistic plug that acted like a piston upon impact and after many different materials were tested, the mystery was solved.

No compromise was made selecting materials and only the best survived the testing phases. Like a carbon fiber race bike strikeTEC was built from the ground up to perform and perform it did. Once the design was finalized, three years of extensive research and development was undertaken followed by tens of thousands of hits by players and coaches from every skill level. From Pro’s to little leaguers, players and coaches were asked to put strikeTEC to the test and the resulting feedback is the robust training tool you see today. StrikeTEC is not the only way to become a better hitter but, we honestly believe it is the best and quickest way.

If you are happy with the way you are hitting, by all means don’t change a thing but, if you are serious about your game and want to be a better hitter, turn to a proven solution with proven results and give the strikeTEC System a try.