What makes StrikeTEC any different from other trainers on the market?

Quite simply, anything that you can do with a tee or any other trainer can be done with StrikeTEC, but try adding ball movement with a tee. StrikeTEC is not trying to reinvent the traditional tee, we have taken it to another level. Great swing mechanics are essential to great hitting and traditional tee work has long been the staple for hitting instructors in developing good swing mechanics but, that was before StrikeTEC. Weighing in at less than three pounds, this BATTING CAGE IN A BAG does what no other trainer can-MOVE! Not only can you add motion to your pitch sequences, you can watch the trajectory of your hit and get instant feedback of your impact point. Because Striketec uses a tethered ball, it is much safer and less expensive to use than hitting loose balls into nets and it’s versatility is unmatched in the industry. Lightweight, flexible and portable, StrikeTEC is invaluable as a warm-up and training tool and is a TRAVELBALL PLAYERS BEST FRIEND!

How does StrikeTEC work?

Inside the frame of the trainer is a ballistic plug that acts like a piston upon impact. At the point of contact, this plug flares out creating resistance on the inner walls of the trainer. As the plug rapidly travels up the shaft it dissipates the kinetic energy of the hit until it reaches the end of the trainer and is instantly stopped by a jam-knot on the backside of the cord.  The remaining energy is transferred throughout the flexible frame with little effect being felt by the holder as the trainer is easily reloaded and repositioned for the next hit.

Why does it work?

StrikeTEC is not just a trainer, it is a SYSTEM. With our free 6-circuit download, we will show you a completely different approach to training that was never possible before strikeTEC. StrikeTEC takes proven, old school training techniques and marries them with a state of the art trainer to infuse proven results into your training program. You will love the FEEL, you will love the DRILLS, but most of all, you will love the RESULTS!

What is StrikeTEC made out of?

StrikeTEC is made out of custom polymers that are scientifically blended to meet the demands of our trainers. Like a carbon fiber race bike, StrikeTEC is designed to perform. Lightweight, flexible and robust was the charge as we brought StrikeTEC through three-year, research and development trials in an effort to create the most versatile trainer ever built.

What is the knot with the loop for on the backside of the trainer?

The knot located on the backside of the trainer cord is intentional and strategically placed there by design. It is called a jam-knot and it limits the travel of the ball while assuring the internal mechanism of the trainer remains inside the frame. This is the only knot that should be in the cord of the trainer and all other knots should be immediately untangled if found.

Do you offer replacement parts for the trainers?

Yes, we offer a very easy to use ball replacement kit.

What age groups do you recommend for StrikeTEC?

StrikeTEC was designed to be applicable to any and all age groups and skill levels. From little league to Pro’s , the StrikeTEC swingtrainer is an invaluable tool for recreating pitch sequences and offering perfect ball placement every time.

Can I use my high performance bat with StrikeTEC without voiding the bat warranty like some other trainers do?

Yes, StrikeTEC uses a real, high compression ball to provide the batter the most realistic feedback possible, all the while protecting the most expensive piece of equipment in the players gear bag- their bat.

Can StrikeTEC be used indoors?

Yes, if what you mean by indoors is a high ceiling location free from obstructions, foot traffic and your mom’s china cabinet. StrikeTEC is perfect for indoor use in many settings but, please use common sense and follow the disclaimer. Note: If  you have to ask if it’s a good idea- it probably isn’t! Close your eye’s, take three deep breaths, open your eyes- reevaluate! GOOD CALL!

I hit like Albert Pujols and my 87 year old grandma is afraid to hold for me, can I duct tape the StrikeTEC to her and her walker in the backyard?

If the holder and hitter are not close in age and stature, we would recommend hitting the trainer into a net for nearly effortless holding. If netting is available, it will absorb all the energy of the hit and is a great way to extend the life of the trainer as well as your grandma!

Can you guarantee I will get a hit when I need it in a game?

Absolutely, but just in case, we would encourage you to order a FREE HIT KIT from Amazon. They come in a package of six and have a 12-month shelf-life. I think you can only use one per game and but they fit neatly in your back pocket. Just present it to the umpire before stepping in the batters box and he will inform you of your free base- I love those triple’s, I wish they had home runs but I’m sure they would be more expensive.

If your StrikeTEC swing trainer is damaged or defective

If your StrikeTEC swing trainer is damaged or defective for any reason upon receipt, StrikeTEC will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Please contact our support team HERE and a team member will contact you.

I represent a school that requires a purchase order, do you accept them?

YES, Please fill out the Contact Form or Call Us.

I represent a school that requires a quote, will you send one?

YES, Please fill out the Contact Form or Call Us.

How long does it take to receive my StrikeTEC after placing my order?

We attempt to ship UPS the same day as the order arrives, depending on what time the order is placed. Orders placed after 3:00 PM Eastern time will ship the next day.

I have finally worn out the ball on the end of the trainer, can I purchase a replacement?

Certainly, we offer both ball and cord replacements for our trainers. Please call 502-290-0613 to purchase.

Are there any other ways than on your website to purchase StrikeTEC trainers?

We are currently working on distribution contracts with retail distributors that want to carry our trainers but at the moment our site is the only outlet.

I am an individual and would like to sell StrikeTEC trainers, do you have individual distributors?

Yes, we have proprietary agreements with many individual distributors that sell our trainers at the grassroots level and are always looking for more. If you are interested, please call 502-290-0613.

I am a sporting goods store or distribution outlet and would like to sell your trainers, how do I begin this process?

We are very interested to speak with you. Please call us at 502-290-0613.

If the plural for goose is geese, shouldn’t the plural for moose be meece?

You decide.

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