If you’ve watched our videos or read our website information, you may have seen many features that the strikeTEC swing trainer offers. Our trainer can help any baseball or softball player become a better hitter. It doesn’t matter if you’re just stepping up to the plate in little league or you have achieved MVP status in the pros, strikeTEC is effective and easy to use. It is always helpful to hear from people who have benefited from a product, and we have heard many great stories from our customers.

If you are on social media, strikeTEC has Facebook and Twitter accounts and we would love to hear from you and others who have already liked our pages. Many have given us a 5 star review and incredible feedback about our swing trainer. We couldn’t be more excited!

Many of the comments we have gotten focus on the great durability of strikeTEC, like this one we received from Sterling Athletics who said, “They got a durable ball on the end of that string!”

The trainer itself weighs in at less than two pounds, but the patented technology and carbon fiber body design create solid durability. Three years of research and development went into making the highest quality piece of equipment in order to achieve results that will endure long-term. Hitters will swing at a real ball that can be held anywhere in the strike zone. It can take hit after hit, and with its ballistic plug release system, the shock of the hit is dissipated, resulting in less fatigue for the person holding the strikeTEC system.

Coaches who travel with their team love the portable, space saving ability of strikeTEC. It saves valuable practice time and keeps their players hitting instead of chasing balls. Comments like, “you can’t replace that time” and “we can take a lot more swings” tell us that coaches are enjoying how the trainer can help more hitters warm up better and faster before a game.

This is a great solution for travel teams or tournament coaches that find themselves with little time and space before games. There are many coaches looking at strikeTEC as a solution to common batting practice problems faced on the road. In fact, here’s what others who have seen strikeTEC in action are saying:

“Would love to try out with my travel teams. Looks awesome!”

“Like to try one with my 16u travel team.”

Enthusiasm is on the rise and strikeTEC won’t strike out. After you have seen the evidence of what strikeTEC can do for your hitter, you will probably end up saying exactly what they did, “I want one!!!!!!”

For more information on how to order your strikeTEC trainer, click here and begin the process of becoming a better hitter.