Inside Pitch MagazineIf you are a coach, a player, or just a fan of baseball and softball, chances are the people you admire and the companies you use are on Twitter. Twitter is one of the best ways to stay up to date on the sporting news that matters. It’s also one of the preferred communication tools of coaches everywhere. If you’re ready to get started using this tool to up your game, then we have the seven twitter accounts you should be following in the baseball and softball world.


Brian Cane specializes in sports psychology and giving players the mental toughness they need to perform. He travels the country and the world helping top athletes raise the bar and get the edge over the competition. Follow him as he sends out wisdom and resources through Twitter daily including posts from his blog and inspiration to get you pumped before practice.


Top trainers John and Thomas Peabody started Peabody Baseball to help players get the most out of their game. They have become very popular on Twitter with updates from the Major League to the honest, no-nonsense advice. If you follow this account you will be getting a trainer’s help one tweet at a time.


Steve Springer is a mental performance coach and a scout for the Toronto Blue Jays. He travels the country helping others get their mind in the game, and started the brand Quality at Bats. His mix of faith and mental focus come through in his updates. You’ll get a lot out of his inspirational advice.


Inside Pitch Magazine is a quarterly publication that is devoted to integrity, thought, development, and improvement of the game of baseball. They keep the pulse of the baseball community with updates and events that you may want to put on the calendar. They are a must follow for a headline view of improving baseball.


Line Drive Pro uses humor and motivation to get you thinking about your swing and the swing of your players. He will also deliver great commentary on games in the Major League, and break down the swings of some of the best hitters in the MLB. You may laugh, but you’ll definitely be getting what you need to improve your game.


Troy Silva delivers positive and uplifting encouragement to Twitter daily. Troy is a bestselling author and trainer whose faith drives him in everything he does in life, including baseball. He will motivate you when you are in a slump, and can push good players to be great by empowering his followers to sacrifice what it takes.


If you are looking for help and motivation with hitting then Justin Dedman is the man for the job. Justin is the hitting coach and recruiting coordinator at Lee University. Hitting performance is the only subject you will find on this account. Not only is the advice great for improving your swing, but he also concentrates on improving breathing and mental toughness.

If you are involved in the baseball or softball community then you owe it to yourself to follow these heavy hitters in the sport. You will find yourself motivated to grow your game on and off season.