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  • Thank you, thank you, thank you- this thing is awesome!

    J.T. Valdelia, GA.
  • If StrikeTEC does not make you a better hitter, you are in the wrong sport!

    Gregory L. Fern Creek, KY.
  • Any travel ball coach that doesn’t own a StrikeTEC must be crazy!

    Alan J. Louisville, KY.
  • In 30 years of this business, I have never seen a better product introduced into the baseball/softball market than STRIKETEC- HOMERUN!

    Mark S. Louisville, KY.
  • This is 15 minutes a day with my kid that I don’t miss for anything!

    Doug S. Louisville, KY.
  • The ROCKSTAR of swingtrainers- FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

    Jimmy S. Modesto, California

    Chris B. Louisville, KY.
  • StrikeTEC or strikeout- this thing is awesome!

    Muscatine, Iowa
  • This will change the way we train hitters

    Tim B. Louisville, KY.
  • I raised my batting average .230 points in one season- now that’s LEGIT!

    Michala R. Louisville, KY.
  • Truly a GAME CHANGER!

    Tim A. Lyndon, KY.
  • GREAT AT THE PLATE is exactly what I have become!

    Mattie B. Lexington, KY.
  • NATIONAL CHAMPIONS- back to back! O yea, I’m a believer!

    Ryan W. Lanesville, IN.
  • Rain of shine, I’m getting in my cuts- NO MORE RAINOUTS

    Scott C. Arlington, Virginia
  • You have to make the most out of every opportunity you get at the plate. One hit can be the difference of being good or being great.

    Stacy J. Louisville, KY.

Product Features

Core Pressed Cord Grommet:
For a rock solid ball connection
ABS Polymer UV Protected Shaft:
For maximum flexibility and durability
Carbon Composite Tip:
For maximum durability
Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel:
Keeps cord from tangling & twisting
Ergonomic, High Density, Foam Grips:
For maximum comfort
Nylon Wrist Strap:
For easy ball retrieval
Military Spec. Cord:
For highest tensile strength
High Compression Ball:
For a realistic hit
Draw Cord Design
Nylon Web Shoulder Strap
Fence Hook

Product Benefits

  • No buckets of balls
  • No pop up nets
  • No more waiting on a cage
  • No more rainouts
  • No more games without proper warm-up
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Replaces a tee
  • Reloads in seconds
  • Simulate a rise ball for softball

How it Works

StrikeTEC uses patented resistance technology to simulate realistic hitting. An internal ballistic plug acts like a piston upon impact and expands into the wall of the trainer. Kinetic energy is dissipated as the ball takes flight and the remaining energy is transferred into the flexible frame to minimize holder fatigue. StrikeTEC reloads in seconds and can immediately be placed in another position of the strike zone to recreate a typical pitch sequence. Also See “Getting Started – Product” “Getting Started – Softball

Why it Works

StrikeTEC allows you to do what no other trainer ever created does – recreate ball movement. You can watch the flight of your ball and get instant feedback to make corrections before the next hit.