Ribbon Xmas TreeThanksgiving is nearly here and Christmas is just a few weeks away. It’s time to start thinking about gifts for your friends and family. Or maybe a loved one has asked you what you want for Christmas and you’re struggling to find an idea. strikeTEC can solve the problem and make a perfect gift for any softball or baseball player in your life.

Great Gift to Give

It can be difficult to buy gifts for an avid sports player. They already have all the equipment they need to play the game after a summer season. Then you have to worry about cold temperatures and bad weather keeping them from enjoying your gift on Christmas morning. The strikeTEC swing trainer is a great gift idea for anyone who plays fast pitch softball all the way to boy’s baseball.

strikeTEC can be used almost anywhere, anytime. It is a perfect tool for the baseball or softball player in your life to improve their swing in the offseason. Weighing in at just a couple of pounds, it’s portable and easy to use. You can be sure that they can use it shortly after it is unwrapped even in winter. You can even be part of the action by holding the ball right above the plate. When spring and summer roll around, and many gifts are left behind, strikeTEC will have improved the swing of the ball player in your life and will continue to help them for years to come.

Great Gift to Receive

The sting of your baseball or softball season ending may still hurt, but you don’t have to sit around all winter waiting for spring. You can put the strikeTEC swing trainer on your Christmas list and improve your game all winter long. The strikeTEC system allows you to have the ball in the strike zone every time, training your eye for better pitch recognition. When fastpitch softball starts up again, you’ll be ready. The trainer also allows someone else holding the ball right where you want it so you’ll get the feedback and support you need from a friend or family member.

It’s lightweight, portable and comes with a case for easy transport, but it is also crafted with the baseball player in mind. The internal ballistic plug will simulate hitting a ball that was pitched right down the middle without it needing to be retrieved. You’ll be ready for swing after swing without wasting time, and improve your game that much faster.

There is no other swing trainer in the world like this one; making it a great gift for the ball player who seemingly has everything. Put the strikeTEC swing trainer on your list either to give or receive the benefit of a tool that will stand up to many seasons worth of practice.