baseball swing trainer, softball swing trainerIf I could show you how you could replace $500 dollars worth of baseball equipment for $149.99, would you be interested? Oh, and by the way parents, you won’t be near as worn out when you’re done working with your kid on their hitting.

I know as a parent we’re always looking for ways to help our kids improve in whatever it is they want to pursue. The game of baseball/softball can be quite expensive especially when you start throwing in lessons, nets, balls, etc. The cost of practicing becomes downright expensive.

At strikeTEC, we believe we can help reduce that expense and still get the necessary swings your kiddo needs to be successful. Many of the top coaches in the game say it’s necessary to get 150-200 swings per day. The strikeTEC allows a hitter to work on their swing at home—without setting up a net, a tee, and grabbing dozens of baseballs. No chasing balls down either. You don’t even need a large space to use a strikeTEC swing trainer. Oh, and the weather doesn’t matter if you have indoor facilities.

Let me show you what hitting equipment a stikeTEC Swing Trainer can replace

  • Net $150
  • Balls $88—2 Dozen at $44 ea
  • Tee $44
  • Lessons $200—5 at $40 per 30 mins
  • Batting Cages $50—5 visits per year at $10 ea

TOTAL $532

Now we don’t claim you will do away with your hitting coach but what we do know is you may be able to reduce the amount of times you have to go, so there may be even more savings. Plus, being able to do the homework at home that a hitting instructor gives is invaluable.

Buy a strikeTEC today and you can replace over $500 worth of expense with the cost of one strikeTEC at $149.99.

It’s been said by Chris Burke, former Major Leaguer with the Houston Astros, “strikeTEC is a batting cage in a bag.”