If you’re ready to see StrikeTEC in action, this is the video to watch. This will show you everything you need to know about our swing trainer and how it can help you or your players become better hitters. This video takes you through the function of the StrikeTEC trainer itself, along with a real-time practice session to display the benefit this system can bring to any hitter.

If you have purchased StrikeTEC or are considering making it a part of your training equipment, then this video can help you start seeing results fast. The first two minutes of the video will help you get set up for practice in a safe area. You will also learn exactly how the swing trainer works and how to use it properly to make sure you are getting all the benefits. Next, you will see a real-time, 15-minute practice session that shows hitters tips for better pitch recognition and bat control. Below is a quick breakdown of where to find everything in the video along a small description of each drill.

Below is a quick breakdown of where to find everything in the video along a small description of each drill.

Quick Breakdown

0:05 Intro

0:22 Disclaimer

0:47 How strikeTEC works

1:12 How to use strikeTEC

2:15 Intro to 6 Drill Practice Session

2:25 Drill 1: Stationary Warm-up

3:54 Drill 2: Movement in the Zone

6:04 Drill 3: Pitch Recognition

9:10 Drill 4: Ball Movement

11:40 Drill 5: Breaking Ball

14:19 Drill 6: Bat Control/Change Up

Drill 1: Warm Up

This drill is going to get you used to the swing action of StrikeTEC and warm you up with someone holding the ball in a stationary position right over the plate. You will get loosened up and start to see the trajectory of the ball after impact.

Drill 2: Movement in the Zone

The ball will still be held in a stationary position, but this time it won’t be in an ideal position. The ball will be moved around the strike zone to make the hitter more uncomfortable and really able to improve contact.

Drill 3: Pitch Recognition

This drill gets a little more intense. You will start out with your eyes closed while the person holding the StrikeTEC positions the ball either in or out of the strike zone. Once you are queued, you will get ready to hit. When you are queued again, you will open your eyes and make a decision to hit or call it a ball.

Drill 4: Ball Movement

Your eyes are back open and the person holding the trainer will now start in front of the plate and begin to bring the ball closer, simulating a real straight line pitch. It will then be more difficult to hit the ball properly, helping you with your contact and timing.

Drill 5: Breaking Ball

Now with the same movement to the plate, the person holding the StrikeTEC will begin to simulate more movement in the pitch. This will give you the opportunity to practice your hitting against curveballs, screwballs, rising, and dropping pitches.

Drill 6: Bat Control

StrikeTEC can even help hitters prepare for one of the hardest pitches in the sport. The change up can get the best players out of their timing, but they are easy to simulate with our swing trainer. The person holding the trainer starts off in front of the plate and takes a slight pause before getting the ball to the plate.

Take a look at the video below, then break out your StrikeTEC and start training today!