StrikeTEC is a new baseball swing trainer that is unlike other trainers on the market today. Our philosophy is simple: we make batters great at the plate! Because we’re introducing our new product to the public, we wanted to start by illustrating three common baseball practice downfalls, and how StrikeTEC can help solve those problems. If you would like to learn more about our product, we have some great videos on our site that demonstrate StrikeTEC in action.

1. Not enough room for batting practice

If you play baseball, you know that room to practice can always be an issue. Most high schools have one field, and they share it between the freshman, JV, and varsity teams.

Most little league teams share fields with all the other teams, or find a local park with a backstop.

Most traveling teams have to find ways to practice on the fly while traveling.

No matter where you are you can usually find the space to get your players’ arms warmed up, because getting the arms loose doesn’t require much space. Getting the bats loose… well that’s another story.

StrikeTEC is the answer. StrikeTEC allows you to pair up your team in small areas so everyone can get lots of swings in. Not only does it allow for more swings, but also for much more targeted and focused reps.

2. Not enough time in the cage

Another problem, assuming that your team has access to batting cages, is that only one person can hit at a time in the cage. It also requires a pitcher with a screen or an automated pitching machine. Cage facilities can cost a lot of money to construct, and at best allow your team to fly through with 5 to 10 swings a piece.

It’s also usually only available to the home team. A true home field advantage.

When your team is the visiting team or when you’re trying to share a batting cage facility, you can be certain teams and players will do whatever it takes to get more swings in.

Soft toss into a fence or net is the most common way to get more swings in, but has plenty of draw backs. Usually the facility doesn’t take too kindly to players destroying their fence. Players don’t like chasing balls that have struck a pole, railroad tie, or even worse, flown over a fence into a field of play.

3. Not enough room and not enough time in the cage = not enough swings

When you don’t have enough room, and you don’t have enough batting cages, your players don’t get enough swings. Period.

How can you increase your averages, pound out more hits, score more runs, and win more games if you can’t hit? If you want to put fear into the opposing picture, then let them see your team warming up with StrikeTEC before the game. With StrikeTEC, no cage or net is needed. Players can quickly get in the amount of swings needed to warm up and very little space is required.

Although spring and summer baseball is coming to a close, it’s a great time to try StrikeTEC out for fall ball or for training indoor this winter. You’ll be ahead of the game if you have your players using StrikeTEC year round.

Try our 30 day challenge. There is a money back guarantee if you don’t increase your batting average in 30 days.