striketec baseball swing trainerThere is nothing worse for a travel ball parent than spending hard earned money to get your child to a tournament, only to watch them struggle all weekend in the batters box. On that same note, there isn’t anything more satisfying than watching them “LIVE THE DREAM” going 4 for 4 in the Championship Game and finding themselves on the bottom of a dogpile at home plate.

Hitting is the most celebrated aspect of this game that we love and there couldn’t be a more true statement than, “If you can hit, you will play!” We have all been that frustrated parent and although we can’t make your kid successful at every at-bat, we believe we can increase the frequency of their success, and here’s how.

Do you know what the difference in a .200 and a .300 batting average is?

Do you realize that being successful two more times in every twenty at bats gets you from a .200 to .300 hitter?

Think of that—you can fail 14 out of 20 times at bat and still be a Hall of Famer. However, fail 16 out of 20 trips to the plate and you’re an average Joe. We are passionate at strikeTEC about making you the best player you can be and we believe that our hitting system will flat-out MAKE YOU A BETTER HITTER! As you make your preseason plans and budget, consider the value of those two extra hits and then go to www.striketecsystems and increase your dogpile chances. After all, when you’re driving home from the tournament at 1:00 am on Monday morning, you might as well be hauling a trophy- and an MVP award!

Some food for thought on the cost and value of a strikeTec:

We polled a dozen parents who are seasoned veterans of the travel ball circuit and this is an average snapshot of a typical season’s expenditures for a serious travel ball athlete, some were a bit higher and some a bit lower but, THIS IS THE AVERAGE!

Annual Ball Expenses:

  • Team Fees $1,000.00 per year
  • Gear Bag $90.00
  • Two pairs of cleats $150.00
  • Gloves $100.00
  • Bat $250.00
  • Batting gloves $50.00
  • Misc. $200.00

EQUIPMENT TOTAL- $2,840.00 per season

Weekly Travel Expenses (per weekend):

  • Gas $100.00
  • Food $100.00
  • Lodging $200.00
  • Gate Fees $30.00

TOTAL $430.00 per Weekend

Now get out your calculator. If you multiply that times 14 Tournaments per year from Spring thru Fall, that equals $6.020.00

Plus the average family will spend an additional $2,000.00 at a Nationals event.

That brings our total up to $8,020.00 per child.

Drum roll……. the GRAND TOTAL PER YEAR per child is $10,860.00

A strikeTEC Swing Trainer can make all this investment worthwhile for $149.99. Now that’s PRICELESS!

You can buy your strikeTec swing trainer online, and have it shipped in no time. It’s a small investment to maximize this large, annual expense. It’s hard to put a price tag on smiles, but we just did—it’s $149.99.

P.S. Nearly every parent that we polled claimed that they budgeted $8,000 to $10,000.00 per year on travel ball expenses (and that didn’t even take into account lessons, the lost wages from leaving early to get to tournaments that started on Friday evenings, broken windows, speeding tickets, your wife’s unscheduled shopping spree during rain-outs, marriage counseling and the fifty tons of ice you bought cause you got a cheap cooler!)